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Welcome to Borelly, your partner for B2B re-marketing of brand products. Mutual trust is the only basis for a successful longterm cooperation. With us, you are always in good hands.

Since 2006, we have supported renowned national and international brand producers and distribution companies as a reliable wholesale and export trading company and partner regarding questions about residual utilization.

Stable and reliable chains of distribution in almost every country and size build the base for our success. A silent secondary marketing is often a part of our daily business.


To develop creative solutions is our daily business.

Our motivation ...is your impulse!


...produced by our actions.

We are ...your missing piece of the puzzle!

They who work alone,...

...add up, we multiply.

Our team ...is there for you!

Our mission is support

Alongside distribution we offer all tasks and formalities concerning transport management as well as reliable and secure transfer. Optimization of logistics and coordination up to Track & Trace in real-time. Naturally, this also includes the complete documentation of movement of goods, beginning with the letter of consignment and ending with the customs presentation and handling.

Touch and go...

Business activities

Alongside the classic distribution of overhangs, we develop individual strategies and investigations regarding potential transfer countries and delivery areas if needed.

Conditioned by our possibilities – beginning with the preparation, ending with the neutralization of any brand residuals –, we gain an additional value for the benefit of our client’s liquidity, despite starting from an apparently unprofitable position.
For trading branded goods with consideration to the various ways of distribution and delivery areas, discretion, flexibility and finesse are indispensable.

We always act in the interest of our partners, a trusting long-term relationship to our suppliers and customers is more important to us than a single quick business.
Many suppliers and customers work with us from the very start. At this time, we would like to thank them again for their trust. We look forward to many more years of cooperation. We would love to meet your expectations, too!

No matter if new supplier or customer: We would like to invite you to our office and are looking forward to meeting you.

Are you interested?


First of all, Borelly deals with the marketing of residual items/overhangs as well as sample assortments from renowned brand producers.

Our classes of goods and supplies mainly include shoes, accessory, textiles, cosmetics and perfume.
The trade in our business area is influenced by permanent and omnipresent changes. The changing needs and requirements of our customers and suppliers drive us to the permanent adaptation of our work flow as well as change and extension of the above mentioned range of articles.

So, if your class of goods is not included or you feel as if your needs cannot be fulfilled by our current range of articles and offers, please do not hesitate to contact us.
As a first contact we always prefer the personal dialogue, so give us a phone call or send us an email with the subject „Tender“ or „Reutilization“ and your phone number – and we will call you back immediately.

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